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Acuity: | acu.i.ty | a,kju:ity | noun
Sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or listening.

Sierra Acuity: | si.er.ra acu.i.ty | sē-ˈer-ə a,kju:ity | noun

Insights into the way your people and materials work together in real-life.

Sierra Acuity gives you visibility

24 hours a day over the last mile transactions and behaviours that occur whenever and wherever your people interact with materials on your site.

Our Acuity Process

Consultation – Design-Implementation – Continuity – Acuity

will design your automated solution

Our mission is to help you deliberately manage your business the way you want it managed

We take the time to understand your objectives, help you apply the processes, workflows and technology you need to track, control and manage interactions with last mile materials on your sites.

We partner with you to constantly improve your business with our Sierra Acuity Process.


Average client savings

Client Benefits

Have what you need, where you need it, 24 hours a day.

What Do You Need?

Whether your problem is managing assets, out of control spend on consumables

or you need to automate disjointed processes, we can help.

Make a better workplace

Make a better workplace: Let valuable people focus on high value work

Track expensive mission

control tools so you know where they are and that they are ready to work with you

Always available

Actively prevent stock-outs

Manage cost effective 24 x 7

secure access to stores

Don't stop making money

Keep processes alive with critical spare parts – onsite, located & ready

Real time, transactional

audit trail, ready to meet industry compliance reporting standards

add Acuity Process

You may have existing automated dispensing hardware and vending machines. Just add Acuity to your process as the solution!

Hardware & Devices

Your solution might be automated industrial vending machines, or simple data collecting devices with Acuity software integration.