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Our integrated systems deliver sustainable process change & real bottom-line results.

The Acuity Process

Sierra Acuity is a specialised systems integrator working with its customers to deliver sustainable process changes and real bottom line improvement to their business.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

01. Consultation


The fundamental step is to understand your problem.

Years of industry experience mean we can offer simple solutions to straight-forward needs quickly.

Sometimes though, when looking to automate their onsite distribution, our clients realise that it’s the underlying processes and workflows that are the real issue. An automated problem ….. is just a more efficient problem; so we encourage they revise these processes before exploring our systems further.

If you don’t have the in-house resource to do this one of our Business Improvement Specialists can be engaged to help.

This ensures that there is a solid commercial and operational imperative to automate before any substantial capital investment is made.

02. Design


We then design a system that automates your processes and work flows and delivers the result you’re looking for.

03. Implementation


Our project managers look after every detail … user management, hardware installation, software integration, delivery of inventory and management reporting, training your staff.

04. Continuity


We are an extension of your team…

Monitoring your system remotely, flagging system issues if they arise

Regular site visits by our operations team are an integral part of what we do; firmware updates, preventative maintenance, training for new team members, fine tuning as your needs change.

05. Acuity


Keenness of vision and thought

Our automated Visual Management dashboards offer your decision makers visibility over processes and site behaviours as they happen. Combining this with a regular, structured review process we work to ensure a Sierra Acuity installation is CONSTANTLY DELIVERING IMPROVEMENT, both operationally and commercially inside your business.

Not what you were after?

Maybe these options will help

The Acuity Solution

Let us help you make the most of your investments in legacy infrastructure and systems.  Want a better view into your business processes and what’s really happening?

Hardware & Devices

Our recommendation to you may include the need for Hardware to distribute, control and manage materials.